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About Float Your Boat Ibiza

Best boats parties in Ibiza

FLOAT YOUR BOAT are back for another season of incredible boat parties on the magical island of Ibiza in 2017!

Sunshine, cold drinks, party people and you…


In the four years since first setting sail, FYB has quickly become the busiest and most talked about sunset cruise in Ibiza.

Continuing to bring you the biggest and very best boat parties, we are pleased to announce that Float Your Boat will be The Official Pre Party for Pure Carl Cox at Privilege and Cream Ibiza at Amnesia this summer.


Departing from San Antonio every Tuesday and Thursday, Float Your Boat takes you out for a three hour cruise filled with music and boasts crystal-clear custom Pioneer XY Pro-Audio sound system, new friends, big smiles, reasonably-priced drinks and a perfect view of the best sunset in the world. Providing the soundtrack of sexy Balearic beats will be our Ibiza resident DJs; Jason Bye, Andy Baxter and Clara Da Costa alongside some stellar headliners. The DJ line up for 2017 is still under wraps, but to give you an idea, past line ups have included artists such as Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, Darren Emerson, DJ Sneak, Eats Everything, Jack Eye Jones, Jon Rundell, Josh Wink, Lisa Lashes, Paul van Dyk, Philip George, Pirupa, Sander van Doorn, Stefano Noferini, Tough Love and Yousef to name but a few…

This summer expect an equally stellar line up of talent!


Float Your Boat has fast gained a reputation for being the wildest and coolest boat party on the island! With 4 HOURS of Ibiza at its hedonistic best, brace yourself for an amazing atmosphere, gangs of gorgeous party people and great music.

After this brilliant warm up out at sea, you will be whisked away with a free bus to enjoy one of the world’s best clubs as a ticket includes boat entry, a free drink, transport to the club, and of course entry into the club.

Float Your Boat parties are guaranteed to sell out so get in early and grab your ticket NOW before they disappear!


Ibiza boat parties with the best DJs of the world

You have been waiting for this moment the whole year and now your dreams come true, you are here, in Ibiza, the best place in the world every summer! Welcome and enjoy. Everybody is here to meet people, to know the island and enjoy music but, do you know where is the best place to feel DJ music in Ibiza? This place is not in the island, the best place to enjoy live music is in the sea. Do you want to join us, in the best Ibiza boat party?, just contact us, check our DJ’s On Board section, get your tickets and come to live an experience that you will never forget in the best boat party in Ibiza.

Probably you are thinking, O.K., so you have Ibiza boat parties, but, what kind of music could I listen in a yacht party?, these are just a few of the DJs who are coming this year to visit us: Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox (yes, Carl Cox is here with us every year), DJ Sneak, Pan Pot, Yousef, Paul van Dyk, Gorgon City… This is the best line-up of Ibiza.

Ibiza boat parties that you’ll remember forever

We depart from San Antonio every Tuesday and Thursday. Every boat is ready to hold up 3 hours of music and party, drinks and people, sailing to the best sunset in the world. Your holydays in Ibiza are going to be great, sure, but you can enjoy something different, more than beach and clubs (which is amazing), now you can come with us, book your tickets and join to the best Ibiza boat party, and one of the best private parties in the world.

If this is not enough for you, when you come back to the island a bus will be waiting for you. We take you to the best club in Ibiza to keep enjoying the party. You will have free entry, one drink and free transport to the club. Just the perfect day in Ibiza with the best DJs in the world and an unforgettable boat party.


Carl Cox is here…

… and we prepare for him a very big party. Carl Cox is simply one of the best known DJs around the world. He developed the concept of tech-house with legendary songs like If I Fall, Ibiza, Karma, G.I. 2, Give Me Your Love… Have you ever thought to be in a private party in Ibiza, seeing the sunset in a boat with Carl Cox in live? Let’s get your tickets now or you will have to wait until next year.

Carl Cox was born in Barbados, but he moved to Great Britain soon. When he was 15 he knew that music would be his life, and he started to create his own songs. Years after, in 1.997, he was elected the best DJ in the world. In these years his music influenced all kind of musicians.

Now he is a successful producer, but he is still with us, sharing his energy with all our people in Float Your Boat, in the best Ibiza boat party.

Get your tickets now and discover
the best Ibiza boat party

Do you want tickets to come to our Ibiza boat parties? Get them now, because these are the busiest parties in the island. If you want to see DJs like Jason Bye, Eric Prydz, Carl Cox and much more, take your tickets now, a boat is not like a club, there are a few tickets per day and it’s not easy to get them.
Check the tickets for this season and choose your days. You have two different options, the boat ticket to the Ibiza boat party, and the Combo ticket, with this, you can come with us to a very special club in Ibiza and keep clubbing all night.

Every day is special with Float Your Boat, if you are coming to Ibiza this summer come and meet the best DJs in the world.



The island and Ibiza boat parties

Ibiza boat parties are a different way to discover the enchanted island. Music is always essential in Ibiza, so we want to pay tribute to the sound every day and every night, and share this experience with you. The sea is another main topic for us. The sea is our life, our freedom here in Ibiza, and we think that is the best place to meet people, have some drinks and see the sunset.

Ibiza receives people from all over the world every year, why?, because we organize the best summer party of the world, a whole island waiting for thousands of people who love music and party like us.

Float Your Boat is the official Ibiza Boat Party to Pure Carl Cox, Cream in Amnesia and Eric Pryz’s party in Hï Ibiza, and it’s possible because in these last years, we have worked to bring the best Ibiza boat parties to this island, choosing just the best DJs of the world. There are a lot of boat parties in Ibiza, but just Float Your Boat has the perfect show.


Do you need tickets for this season?

You can get your tickets in this website. Just check the tickets section, in there you will find all our shows and DJs. Choose your days and book your passes. You can get a boat ticket or a combo ticket including free entry to one of the best clubs in Ibiza after the boat party. You will receive your tickets immediately, and a boat will be waiting for you and your friends in San Antonio, to take you to the best party in Ibiza for three unforgettable hours (and more time if you are booking combo tickets).

Float Your Boat is waiting for you, if you don’t have your tickets already just get them now. Come to Float Your Boat if you want to feel one of the best experiences of all your live in Ibiza this summer.

Best boat parties in Ibiza

Just the best boat parties in Ibiza have all that you need. Music and DJs, party, fun and people, sailing in Ibiza with the island waiting for you while you are discovering the Mediterranean Sea. Float Your Boat is not one of the best boat parties in Ibiza, FYB is the best. Every year we look for the best DJs in the world, just get them and we start to prepare parties for the whole summer. For us, the main thing in our events is the music and the DJs.

Enjoy the party in our closing boat party in Ibiza island

We organize exclusive parties in Ibiza. A lot of people dream with a private session with their favourite DJs, but having Carl Cox playing for you in your birthday party is very difficult. With Float Your Boat you have the opportunity. Ibiza is an amazing place, probably it’s the best place in the world in summer, being in a club like Cream or Amnesia is a dream come true for people like us, but there is a best thing to do in the island, enjoy a party in our closing boat party in Ibiza.

Welcome to the best sunset boat party in the island

If you are coming to Ibiza, you’ll see one of the best sunset in the world. We choose this moment to sailing, so all together we can see the sunset from the boat. The colours of the sun falling in the sea, the music, the people, all in this moment is special. We have been working in Ibiza for long years and everyday is special. An unforgettable sunset boat party.

Best DJs of the island

Naming the best DJs in the island is like speak about the best DJs in the world. Carl Cox, Eats Everything, Fatboy Slim, DJ Sneak, Jason Bye, Kydus, Pan Pot, Yousef, Paul van Dyk, Gorgon City, etc., just check the complete list in our website. These are some of the best DJs of the island, and all of them are coming to our parties.

All the DJs are coming to Ibiza to perform their best events. With your Combo Boat Pass you have free entry to one of the best clubs in Ibiza, so you can keep partying when the boat arrives to Ibiza.

What do you need to know?

Do you need more information? What do you need to know? Just contact with us with this link, we will write you immediately solving your questions. If you need something special on board just ask for it.

How to get Ibiza

If you are coming by plane, you can catch flies from many European cities. Most European countries have direct flies to the island, and there are tens of Spanish airports that have planes going to Ibiza.

You can choose the boat as well. There are boats everyday from Barcelona, Mallorca and Valencia, and you can travel with your own car in the boat.

Weather in Ibiza

The weather in Ibiza is amazing. Medium temperature in July and August is 25º C, and the minimum is 20º C at night. Dawn is at 7 a.m., and the sunset is at 21:00 – 21:45 depending the month.

Best Ibiza beaches

Ibiza has different beaches, you can choose depending that you want to do there. There are a lot of small beaches where you can enjoy a private moment. Some of these places are Cala Salada, Cala Conta, Vadella and Cala Gracioneta, all of them are small corners in Ibiza with beautiful views.

And, of course, there are big beaches waiting for you with the typical atmosphere. A lot of people visit the beaches morning and afternoon, and some of them choose the beach to enjoy the sunset everyday. Las Salinas and Playa d’en Bossa are the two biggest beaches of the island, in there you can find famous people, even DJs, and people waiting for partying all the night.

Best Ibiza parties

There are a lot of parties in Ibiza, all of them are massive and other are private. In Float Your Boat we offer you tickets to the best clubs in the island, like Amnesia and Cream. This places organize big parties every night with the best DJs in the world.

But in this island you can discover small events too, parties with a few people but DJs that you have listened all your life. FYB is the best example of a small event with huge guests.

Do you want to enjoy the best Ibiza parties? This is the plan, come with us to a private party in a boat, enjoy an exclusive event and see the sunset. When you arrive to the port we are waiting for you to take you and your friends to one of the best clubs in Ibiza in a massive party… What do you think?

What to see in Ibiza

Ibiza is an important touristic point, not only based in clubs and parties. If you are visiting us you can see Dalt Vila, the ancient walled city, Es Vedrá, probably the best view in the island, visit the hippie markets, enjoy the beaches and much more.

Ibiza, like all the Spanish cities, has a particular food culture. There are a lot of traditional menus that you can taste in the island, come and enjoy the popular gastronomy.

Best Ibiza accommodation

There are many possibilities to choose accommodation in Ibiza. You can find a hotel easily, there are a lot of hotels along the island, but if you want to stay close to the clubs you have to book soon.

Another possibility is to book a private Villa, it’s an intimate home, usually huge, where you can stay alone with your friends. This is more expensive than a hotel.

Finally, you can find a room or a flat using renting apps, this is probably the cheapest solution.

All this is waiting for you, this season will be unforgettable in Float Your Boat, if you want to enjoy it book your tickets and come to Ibiza with us.